Vegan Pinto & Black Bean Chili Tacos

How to Make Vegan Tacos with Bean Chili in Crunchy Shells

Crunch into these vegan chili tacos for a quick and crispy lunch option that’s easy to pack and take on-the-go! A hearty, comforting pinto and black bean chili, served with your favorite fillings in crunchy taco shells. I’m sharing how to make vegan tacos with a premade vegan chili option, or you can whip up a homemade chili recipe that you enjoy.

Vegan black bean tacos are a crowd favorite, so why not chili tacos? Served in crunchy taco shells, it’s like eating your vegan chili with crackers—but to the max! Nourishing and satisfying, fun to eat, and super simple to prepare. To pack for lunch, simply store your chili, taco fillings, and taco shells separately, then assemble and enjoy at lunchtime!

Vegan Black Bean Tacos

What can I use instead of meat for tacos?

The beauty of vegan tacos is that there are so many plant-based filling options to try:

  • Beans or lentils—black beans, pinto beans, chickpeas, red lentils, whatever you like.
  • Vegan meat alternatives like beyond meat, crumbled tofu, tempeh, or seitan.
  • Pulled jackfruit as a “pulled pork” substitute, like in my jackfruit tacos recipe!
  • Roasted vegetables—chopped, spiralized, or even mashed.

Can chili be used for tacos?

Of course! I filled these tacos with one of Thrive Market’s plant-based chili options, consisting of red beans and crumbled beyond meat. I like to add some black beans, chopped tomatoes, and cilantro to freshen it up before serving, but you can really eat this chili straight out of the package.

Or, try whipping up your own homemade chili, like my slow cooker chili made with dried beans! Either way, that comforting, savory chili is ultra-satisfying served in crunchy taco shells with your favorite fillings.

How to Make Vegan Tacos with Bean Chili

How to Pack Vegan Chili Tacos for Lunch

I designed these vegan tacos as a DIY packed lunch that you can take on-the-go to work or school. For meal prep, it’s best to store your chili, taco fillings, and taco shells separately to prevent them from getting soggy. Either use separate containers or a compartmentalized container. Then, when lunchtime rolls around, you can load your chili and toppings into the taco shells and devour a fresh, crunchy lunch! Delicious served warm or cold.

DIY Vegan Tacos Lunch

Check out my Keto, Paleo & Vegan Bento Box Lunches video to see how this recipe is made!

Vegan Black Bean Tacos

Vegan Chili Tacos

Crunch into these vegan chili tacos for a quick and crispy lunch option! How to make vegan tacos with pinto & black bean chili in crunchy shells.
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Vegan Chili

Taco Assembly

  • 2 crunchy taco shells , (I used Thrive Market’s Grain-Free Taco Shells)
  • ¼ cup shredded lettuce
  • ¼ cup vegan cheese shreds
  • any vegan taco fillings you like!


  • Add plant-based chili to a saucepan over medium heat.
  • Stir in additional beans of choice, chopped tomato, and cilantro. Continue to heat until warm.
  • Fill taco shells with shredded lettuce, warm vegan chili, vegan cheese shreds, and any additional desired toppings.
  • Serve and enjoy!

To pack for lunch:

  • Prepare chili as described above and package in an airtight container.
  • Store taco shells, shredded lettuce, and vegan cheese shreds in separate airtight containers, or a divided container.
  • At lunchtime, assemble tacos with cold or warmed chili and enjoy!


For a homemade vegan chili option:
Try my zesty chipotle slow cooker vegetarian chili made with pinto & black beans!
Serving: 1meal, Calories: 578kcal, Carbohydrates: 86g, Protein: 25g, Fat: 17g, Fiber: 21g, Sugar: 6g
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