DIY Iced Coffee Ice Cubes for the BEST Iced Coffee Drinks

With these homemade coffee ice cubes you never have to sip on a watered-down iced coffee ever again! Deliciously simple frozen coffee cubes infused with a hint of cinnamon – a must-try for sincere coffee and cold brew lovers.

I’ve seen coffee ice cubes like this at a restaurant before, and I think the idea is just GENIUS. Since I tend to be a slow drinker, I end up with a completely diluted drink before I can finish it… Luckily, these are just as simple to make as any old ice cube, and they make for the very BEST iced coffee drinks anytime you want!

It’s as easy as pouring brewed, cooled coffee into an ice cube tray and freezing them. For a fun flavor twist, I’m infusing some cinnamon into my coffee before freezing. But, feel free to skip the cinnamon for classic coffee flavor – or get creative with your own favorite flavors!

How to make cinnamon coffee ice cubes
Steep coffee with cinnamon for 4-6 hours

How to Make Iced Coffee Ice Cubes

As mentioned, making coffee ice cubes is as simple as it sounds. First, start with brewed coffee that’s cooled, or you can even save and store leftover coffee from your brewing pot throughout the week. If you’re a big-time coffee purist, you could even make your ice cubes with cold brew for a major boost of flavor and caffeine!

For my flavor twist, I added a few cinnamon sticks (or you can use ground cinnamon) into my brewed coffee, then allowed it to steep in the fridge for around 4-6 hours. You could also try this with some vanilla extract or vanilla bean, or even some cocoa powder! Just be sure to allow enough time for that flavor to infuse, and remove cinnamon sticks before pouring.

For a standard sized ice cube tray, you’ll need about 2 cups of liquid to fill every cavity. But feel free to freeze as many coffee cubes as you want! Simply fill your desired trays with the coffee, place on a small baking sheet if you’d like (to catch any falling liquid), and freeze overnight.

That’s it! Once set, you can pop them out of the ice cube tray to use however you please. Just keep in mind, the easiest storage method will be keeping them inside of the ice cube tray, and then returning it to the freezer. So, I’d recommend popping out just as many cubes as you plan to use at one time!

Freeze coffee ice cubes overnight
Homemade Iced Coffee Ice Cubes

Frozen Coffee Cubes Uses & Storage

Of course, the most common use for coffee ice cubes will be in homemade iced coffee drinks! Even if you’re just serving cold brew black over ice, these refreshing goodies are the perfect option to keep your brew strong and flavorful from your first sip to your last.

But, you can also experiment with them in other drinks, too. Instead of plain ol’ ice in a smoothie, add some frozen coffee cubes for a boost of flavor and caffeine! Blend up into protein shakes, coffee flavored milkshakes, or even fun cold coffee cocktails. So many options to explore!

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Coffee Ice Cubes Recipe

Iced Coffee Ice Cubes

Homemade coffee ice cubes for the best homemade iced coffee drinks – that never get watered down!
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  • 2 cups brewed coffee, cooled (or cold brew)
  • 3 cinnamon sticks, or 1 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 1 ice cube tray


  • Brew coffee and allow to cool. (Around 2 cups of coffee will be sufficient to fill most standard ice cube trays.)
  • Add a few cinnamon sticks (or 1 tsp ground cinnamon) into coffee and stir. Steep in fridge for 4-6 hours.
  • After steeping, remove cinnamon sticks and pour coffee into ice cube tray(s). Freeze overnight.
  • When ready to enjoy, carefully remove cubes from ice cube tray, add to a glass, and pour in cold coffee or cold brew!
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