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Feelings and my problem with NUMBING.

Happy Friday! The past year and a half I’ve thought about my feelings more than, well, ever. I attended the Hoffman Process in 2017, and it made me realize that I’d done a pretty great job of numbing out and deciding it was safer to feel nothing, than anything. But, of course, this was a protective mechanism. And even if it may […]

Do you know how to PLAY?

Happy Monday, friend! The weekend has come and gone—what did you do? Anything fun? Did you PLAY at all? “Play” is something I’ve thought a lot about the past few months because, well—this is embarrassing—but I think I’m pretty bad at it. Or perhaps, I just have lost touch with what it really means, or more importantly, how it feels to play. Here’s the thing: […]

Drinking, and why I don’t drink.

Hello friend, I’m not big on drinking. Maybe 2-3 times a year I’ll enjoy an alcoholic beverage, but I don’t love the taste, and I definitely don’t love the effects. I used to drink a bit more in college, but was never huge on alcohol—my body has always rejected it. If I went out with friends on a Friday night and drank, […]

My dark side and believing in yourself.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t—your right.” Does this mean anything to you? Do you have a dream that you believe you cannot achieve? When I first heard this Henry Ford quote, it hit me hard. Something about its truth resonated with me. I’ve always thought of myself as a fairly confident […]

A Gratitude Challenge for Couples or Families

Hey friend. A few weeks ago I shared my thoughts on gratitude and how I incorporate gratitude practice into my daily life. The next week, I shared my appreciation practice, and how I think it’s very different from gratitude. As a recap— I think of gratitude as something I’m grateful for in my life, that’s external. Something outside of myself, […]

My Food Moderation Issues…

Happy Monday, friend! Do you struggle with food moderation? The holidays are here—I don’t know about you, but at this point in the year, my willpower with food seems to diminish with every hour that passes. And when my willpower diminishes, my excuses tend to increase (hehe). I’ve shared with you before on my YouTube channel that I’m not a fan of the word “moderation.” […]

My addiction.

Hi there. I’m eager to connect with you today, and I’m going to get a bit personal right away. I want to talk to you about addictions. Do you have one? I’m not necessarily talking about a substance abuse addiction, but rather, a behavioral addiction. You may not know that, for years, I was an exercise addict. Literally, […]

Change your expectation for appreciation!

Hello again! You are freaking amazing—seriously! Do you show appreciation for yourself? When is the last time you acknowledged your efforts? A lot of times we hear appreciation lumped together with last week’s topic—gratitude. “Gratitude and appreciation.” In fact, these definitions of gratitude and appreciation even include one another in their statements: Gratitude: “The quality of being thankful; […]

Mondays are the BEST!

Happy Monday, Christian! Do you ever say that when you write emails on Monday? “Happy” Monday? Friday, maybe… but Monday? YES! Monday is actually my favorite day of the week! Say what?? I’m not kidding, I love Mondays. Really, though, I just love any opportunity for a fresh start. I started out as a “New Year’s Resolutions” junkie, then I […]

How gratitude changed my life.

Hi friend. One thing that’s changed my life over the past year is actively, intentionally and consistently practicing gratitude. Many people hear “gratitude” and think of it in terms of saying “thank you” to someone who’s helped or given a gift. I’m not talking about the “action” of gratitude—but rather the emotion. Gratitude is truly a feeling. And there’s a lot of research […]