Hey there! Do you dread Mondays? Most people do.

I get it—Mondays signal the weekend is OVER.

No more fun, or sleep, or relaxing. Instead, it’s the furthest day from the next break. It means we have to pick ourselves up, and go do things we don’t want to do.

Of course, relaxing and not having to worry as much about responsibilities and commitments sounds WAY better. Right?

Except, you know me—Monday is actually my FAVORITE day.

It’s a fresh start, which to me means new opportunities & possibilities! It means I can leave behind whatever I felt was holding me back, and start again. No reason to dread that!

Does it NEED to be Monday for me to do this? No. But I like structure, and starting fresh on a new year, month, or week inspires and invigorates me.

Does that mean I don’t love the weekend? No! I look forward to that, too, which means I also LOVE Friday.

And let me tell ya, loving Monday feels WAY better than hating it.

Christian and I go for a walk with our dog Kristen every morning and talk about the day ahead.

We don’t talk about specific tasks, though—instead, we touch on how we’re feeling that day, set some intentions to support how we feel and what we need, and talk about what we’re looking forward to and dreading. When we get to the parts about what we dread, we ask each other:

How can you turn what you dread today into a great opportunity?

Well, it’s a perspective shift. Sometimes it’s hard, especially if it’s something you REALLY don’t want to do. But it can be done with literally anything.

  • Some days I dread having to go through thousands of business emails. But it’s a great opportunity for me to find and explore new projects! 

  • Some days I dread having to commute somewhere in LA traffic. But it’s a great opportunity for me to listen to a new Podcast and have some quiet time.

  • Some days, I dread having to go to the dentist. But it’s a great opportunity for me to make use of my health insurance (and not have to go again for a while!) 

  • Some days, I dread having to make dinner. But it’s a great opportunity to fuel my body and enjoy something tasty.

  • Some days I dread having to go to my therapy appointment and talk about my feelings. But it’s a great opportunity for me to take a break and give myself some care. 

  • Some days I dread having to sit in a meeting or have a business phone call that seems like a waste of time. But it’s a great opportunity for me to practice showing up the way I want.

Some of these might feel like more of a stretch than others, but being able to find a positive intention to approach each of these dreaded tasks with is going to make me feel better during the experience (It actually works).

Does it mean that I fully embrace and love every minute of the experience?

No. Sometimes it still sucks. But at least having a better attitude helps me spend more minutes of my day being optimistic, rather than negative.

So what’s something you have to do this week that you dread? How can you make it a great opportunity?

If you find that you tend to focus on the negative, I encourage you to try out this exercise as much as you can. Little by little, you may see how much better it is to find the positive. We just have to notice.

Sending light and love your way,