DIY Oreo Pudding Dirt Cups

How to Make Dirt Cups with Pudding, Oreos & Gummy Worms

Lusciously creamy chocolate pudding, crumbly pieces of Oreo cookies, sweet and chewy gummy worms—these dirt cups are an all-time classic treat for a reason! I absolutely loved Oreo pudding dirt cups as a kid, and this Halloween I wanted to bring them back with a DIY twist… I’ll show you how to make dirt cups completely from scratch!

I started by whipping up a homemade chocolate pudding without cornstarch for a less-processed option. Then, I baked a batch of homemade Oreos to use for the cookie crumble (with plenty extra for enjoying). And last but not least, I even crafted my own super easy homemade gummy worms that actually look and taste like the real deal!

Of course, you can absolutely keep this super quick and as simple as possible by using all premade ingredients. Buy your favorite pre-packaged pudding, crumble some name-brand Oreos into it, add in some store-bought gummy worms, and voila—your dirt cups are served. Or, use some premade and try some of the homemade recipes. You do you!

I just figured, to reimagine one of my favorite childhood treats, why not make a grown-up dirt cup dessert with homemade everything? And I’ve gotta say, it was a total blast to create! I’ll walk you through how to make dirt cups whichever way you like—using all premade ingredients, or from scratch with my DIY recipes.

Dirt Cups Dessert

Dirt Cups Ingredient Notes:

Chocolate Pudding

The pudding is an essential component for dirt cups of any kind, but you’re welcome to make this recipe with vanilla pudding (or whichever flavor) if you prefer! There are plenty of store-bought pudding options out there, and many come pre-packaged in convenient individual portions.

But, if you’re looking for a homemade option that’s also a bit less processed than the norm, try my homemade chocolate pudding without cornstarch! It’s just as sweet, creamy, and luscious as any classic pudding recipe, but without the usual cornstarch. Made with real chocolate and cocoa, it’s crave-ably chocolaty, and you can have it ready in around 20 minutes.

For me, dirt cups are all about the Oreos. You crumble them up to make your sweet “dirt,” and the more you add in, the better! I’m a big fan of the classic, name-brand Oreos that you buy at the store, and I’ll admit: doing so is definitely your easiest option.

As you can imagine, homemade Oreos will require more time and effort in the kitchen. But for me, when I have the time, the process is just so fun and worth trying—rolling out the dough, cutting out the cookies, the satisfaction of assembling a completely DIY Oreo! Plus, as much as I love classic Oreos, this homemade version is its own kind of crisp, cakey deliciousness.

Gummy Worms

Can’t have dirt cups without the worms! Those undeniably delicious store-bought gummy worms are always available to you and they keep things convenient. But, although you might think that making your own gummy worms at home would be a hassle, it’s actually unbelievably easy and they turn out SO impressive.

If there’s any homemade component here that I most recommend trying, it’s my homemade gummy worms recipe! Seriously, you only need 3 ingredients—boxed Jell-o, unflavored gelatin, and water—plus a set of silicone gummy molds. Even including the time chilling in the fridge, you can have them ready to devour in as little as 30 minutes!

How to make dirt cups

How to Make Dirt Cups – Premade or from Scratch

Whether you go the premade ingredients route or the totally-from-scratch route, the process for how to make dirt cups is ultimately the same. Once you’ve got your components ready—the pudding, Oreos, and gummy worms—grab a jar, bowl, cup, or whatever container you plan to use. I like to use small 4oz jars so I can arrange my dirt cups to look cute!

First, crush up your Oreo cookies however you like. You can add them into a bag and then use a jar or your hand to crush them, or I prefer to pulse them up in my food processor. Next, add the chocolate pudding into your container, sprinkling it with a generous helping of your crushed cookie ‘dirt.’ Finally, place the gummy worms in there and your dirt cups are ready to devour!

DIY Halloween Dirt Cups – Homemade Pudding, Oreos & Worms!

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Dirt Cups Recipe

Oreo Pudding Dirt Cups

How to make dirt cups with pudding, Oreos, and gummy worms for a down-to-earth sweet treat.
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  • Crush Oreo cookies as desired. (I prefer to pulse them in my food processor so they’re nice and crushed.)
  • Add chocolate pudding into jar, bowl, or container.
  • Sprinkle a layer of crushed cookies onto pudding and finish with desired gummy worms.
  • Serve and enjoy!
Serving: 1dirt cup, Calories: 312kcal, Carbohydrates: 48g, Protein: 9g, Fat: 12g, Fiber: 2g, Sugar: 38g
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