Hello friend, I’m not big on drinking. Maybe 2-3 times a year I’ll enjoy an alcoholic beverage, but I don’t love the taste, and I definitely don’t love the effects.

I used to drink a bit more in college, but was never huge on alcohol—my body has always rejected it.

If I went out with friends on a Friday night and drank, I’d need the entire weekend to recover…

…and that was at 20 years old! So already, that discouraged me.

Then, I add on the fact that I’m truly more of a foodie than a drinkie. I’ll choose a slice of tres leches cake over a cocktail any/every day.

But I’ve thought a lot more about it as I get older, and it’s almost more expected to drink now than it was then, or stranger if you don’t.

There’s a lot of social pressure to drink—perhaps people feel insecure to be the ones drinkingwhile others aren’t (similar to how people can feel uncomfortable eating dessert alone at a restaurant if others in the party decline).

But I think there’s more to it for many…

My belief is that alcohol can be a mask. I get drinking in college… I was young, insecure, and used alcohol as an excuse to act however I wanted, without having to really “take responsibility” for my actions.

“This or that only happened because I was drunk…” etc.

But why does that stick around as we get older? Why do we need alcohol to feel more comfortable?

Why are we still so afraid to be ourselves?

THIS is why I don’t drink today. I don’t want to depend on that mask. I want to feel comfortable in my own skin.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a work in progress, and I still deal with my own insecurities. But the last thing I want to do is set myself up to need anything to fall back on to be comfortable with vulnerability and connection. It only makes it harder to do without the mask.

Now, if you like to drink every day or even occasionally—know that I’m not judging you. You do you! I know there are a lot of reasons that drinking could be in the picture, ranging from leisure, to cultural.

Sometimes it’s uncomfortable and I do feel insecure, but usually I can go out with people and be the only one not drinking and still have a good time. I have friends who drink regularly and don’tfeel it’s a mask, but really just love the experience of wine or beer tastings as a hobby. But I also have friends who have admitted to me that it is a mask.

There’s no right or wrong.

I’m not pro or anti alcohol, and I think it can be included in a healthy diet just as much as a slice of tres leches cake can. I just choose to not indulge in it because it doesn’t resonate with mybody or mind.

What are your thoughts? Do you drink and find it’s easier to relax and “be yourself” with alcohol? Or are you afraid to be yourself without it? Or, if you don’t drink, what made you stop?

Sending you light & love ,