Hi friend,

It’s been a tough few weeks—and it seems it’s been harder mentally and emotionally on some than others.

Our “stance” on what’s happening in the world almost becomes a political statement.

It’s easy to think that people who feel differently than we do are “doing it wrong.”

“People should care more.”

“People should care less.”

“People should do this/that.”

The truth is, what “people” should or shouldn’t do, is not anyone’s business other than those people, themselves.

Worrying about their business, only keeps ourselves in pain. So instead, can we let them think whatever they will?

Perhaps, we can be the most productive from our own space of calm. When we concern ourselves with our own business, we can focus on productive solutions, rather than busying our brains with matters we can’t affect.

We can’t control other people, and we can’t control external circumstances.

But there’s a lot we can control within our own worlds right now.

So, what good does it do to be off somewhere else, in someone else’s business, or worrying about the future, rather than what’s going on in our own business right now?

As scary as things are, there are a lot of opportunities hidden in the daily obstacles we are coming up against.

Everyone’s situation is different, but everyone has some of those opportunities available to them—but they are hiddenand only you can find them.

Not everyone has more time available to them during these days of isolating, but everyone has a chance to step up to the personal challenges presented and come out stronger.

I encourage you to set aside a few minutes today and go through a little exercise if you can: imagine yourself three months from now. We’ll be well into summer by then.

Don’t worry as much about how the rest of the world or external circumstances look in this visualization—just think about you and your potential.

First, imagine you spend these days panicking, buried with fear and anxiety, or stuck in someone else’s business.

What’s happening for you three months from now if you follow that path?

Take a breath and reimagine the future, imagine what’s happening for you three months from now if you approach these days with a calm and curious manner.

What are you able to explore? Discover? Create?

Maybe it isn’t even creating some big new thing (maybe it is)—but maybe it’s just setting yourself up for more wisdom and peace.

Maybe these days you are able to give yourself an opportunity to breathe and reset or let go.

Maybe it’s an unplanned vacation from work or responsibilities.

Maybe it’s an unexpected uptick in responsibility and stress, but an opportunity to handle them with grace and a growth mindset.

Looking to the future, where do you want to be three months from now?

We spend so much time anxious about the past, which can never change. We worry about the future, which hasn’t yet arrived.

The best opportunity we have to affect the future positively is to show up and be present with this moment, right now!

I’m not trying to just be an “optimist” and brush all of the stress under the rug. I’m encouraging you to feel what’s actually happening and see it clearly. Right now, you are okay.

If anything, this is an opportunity for people to come together. Everyone is affected by this, and we will all get through it, somehow.

Try to stop and breathe as much as you can. If you want to join me, I’ll be continuing to host a live meditation every weekday this week on Instagram at 1:00 pm PT/4:00pm ET.

I am sending light and love to you and your loved ones!

Stay well,