Hi Friend. How do you view choices and opportunities? I used to get caught up in feeling like “I didn’t have a choice.”

Even working for myself, I felt “I had to do this or that” because people depended on me—employees, viewers, clients, family… I started to resent the very job I’d set up for myself.

Over the last few years, I have realized that everything is a choice.

Even if we don’t choose what happens, we choose how we respond to it. This is why learning to pause and respondrather than react, is so important.

But it’s not only our responses that we can choose. We can choose even the things that have been chosen for us. In fact, this has become my approach to life!

If I’m being mindful, pausing, and responding according to my truth, then I’m more likely to feel content and at peace with myself. I can’t control external circumstances, however… I can only control my business.

But external circumstances will happen. Life happens. And part of the way I choose to respond to those circumstances is by CHOOSING them.

What if you approached whatever happened today as if you’d chosen it? As if it were an opportunity?

When we choose something, we are more likely to like it, to commit, or at least to try!

What if your obstacles were opportunities? (Hint: they are!) Hasn’t almost everything gratifying come from an opportunity you had to work for?

The word “obstacle” is defined as a block or barrier that hinders progress… but obstacles are actually the key to progress. We must go through the obstacle, to get to the opportunity that’s waiting for us on the other side!

So, if you want to choose opportunity… be willing to choose the obstacle!

It’s a matter of mindset, and if you struggle with managing your mindset, check out my email from last week where I gave an exercise to help change your thinking.

When we start living as if we’d chosen anything that comes our way, we take ownership of our lives. So, don’t be passive or avoid choosing—not choosing is still a choice!

Just try it and see… when life happens this week and things don’t go your way, take a moment and consider “choosing” this route. Then notice… the rest will follow.

Sending light and love your way,