Happy Monday, Christian!

Do you ever say that when you write emails on Monday? “Happy” Monday? Friday, maybe… but Monday? YES! Monday is actually my favorite day of the week! Say what??

I’m not kidding, I love Mondays. Really, though, I just love any opportunity for a fresh start.

I started out as a “New Year’s Resolutions” junkie, then I started to set monthly resolutions (I’ll share more about that in another email later…) because I LOVED having an excuse to reinvigorate and inspire myself to set new goals or do something better.

But why wait for the new year, or even new month? Why not use MONDAY as an excuse to get stoked for the new you—this week!

We don’t NEED any specific day to start fresh!

That’s what many anti-New-Years-resolutions people say. And it’s true—we can wake up and decide to just let it be today, or even right now, this minute!

Still, I like to take advantage of any opportunity that can give me extra accountability for those goals or personal work, and there’s nothing wrong with that. That’s why I’ll always love New Year’s (and now New Month’s) resolutions.

Now, my enthusiasm for Mondays doesn’t mean I’m sitting here setting “New Week’s” resolutions. What it does mean is…

I wake up on Mondays in a good mood, excited for the week.

It means I’m ready to forgive myself for not having been as authentic as I would have liked to last week, and letting myself start fresh and do my best this week.

The goal, of course, is to get closer and closer to who we want to be (even though we may never fully get there)—but that requires intention. Deciding to wake up and love Monday is me setting an intention; an intention to try my best again, and again, and again.

Something so small, like deciding to wake up and let the day be great, can turn your whole week around.

And the week will continue, and it won’t be perfect—but instead of waiting for the week to end, you can start looking forward to it beginning again!

Don’t submit to 2018 because the holidays are creeping up!

I encourage you to keep trying every day, every week! I’m going to be right there with you, trying my best.

Light & love,