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Check out this quick and easy SECRET cinnamon roll recipe!

Crescent rolls
Marshmallows (the big ones)
Stevia or granulated sweetener or sugar
Light butter
Almond Milk

In a small dish combine your almond milk and light butter (the ratio is up to you!)
In another small dish combine your cinnamon and granulated sweetener or sugar (again, however much of each you’d like)
Take a marshmallow and dip it into the almond/butter mixture, and then into the cinnamon sugar mixture.
Lay out your crescent rolls, and place the coated marshmallow into the center of one of your rolls
Wrap the crescent roll around the marshmallow and seal it up TIGHT or it will explode
Take your marshmallow-wrapped-in-a-crescent-roll and proceed to dip THAT into the almond/butter mixture, and then coat it in the cinnamon/sugar mixture
Spray a large cupcake pan and place each coated roll into the cupcake cups.
Bake at 350ºF for about 8-10 minutes

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