Homemade Mocha Latte Recipe

How to Make a Mocha Latte Recipe

How to Make a Mocha Latte with Hot Cocoa Mix



½ cup regular or decaf coffee (optional)
1 cup milk of choice
1 packet Four Sigmatic Hot Cacao Mix (or 12 Tbsp hot cocoa mix of choice)
whipped cream on top
sprinkle of cocoa powder


  • Heat coffee and milk over the stove.
  • Once warm, whisk in hot cacao mix to integrate. Continue to heat until almost boiling and mixture becomes frothy. (Feel free to use a hand-held frother to help with this if you’d like.)
  • Serve with whipped cream, a sprinkle of cocoa powder, or whichever toppings you like. Enjoy!


*Nutrition calculated using unsweetened almond milk & does not include whipped cream.