Strawberry Limeade Slushy

Strawberry Limeade Slushy

Ripe, sweet strawberries make for irresistibly sweet popsicles. With a bit of lime and basil, these beauties have a fresh, zesty flavor twist! I LOVE these fruity pops because of their thicker texture—but this slushy is also truly delicious eaten with a spoon!


  • 2-4 basil leaves
  • 2 cups frozen strawberries
  • 1/3 cup lime juice (3 limes juiced)
  • Procedure

  • In a blender, combine strawberries, basil, lime juice, and sweetener. Blend until smooth, adjusting texture and sweetness to your preference. (Add ice cubes to thicken the slushy, or add water to thin it out!)
  • Serve in a glass with a spoon and enjoy!
  • Or, pour into popsicle molds and freeze (6-8 hours, or overnight).
  • Yields 2 cups of slushy, or ~4 popsicles.
  • *Nutrition calculated using 2 Tbsp honey as sweetener.
  • 2g fiber | 12g sugars
  • Nutritional Info

    Serving: 1 cup
    2 servings
    Calories: 127

    • 34g Carbs

    • 0g Fat

    • 1g Protein

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