Mind Over Munch’s 30 Day Kickstart Course

$19.99 $14.99

The Mind Over Munch 30 Day Kickstart Course is a guide to healthier living, no matter where you are in your journey to health. When you sign up for the course, you gain access to 30 days of Kickstart emails, full of valuable information about healthy living, daily inspiration and challenges, as well as exclusive recipes. This course is the perfect way to inform yourself about nutrition and wellness, and take action to build your healthiest life!


With topics such as:

  • The Truth About Sugar
  • Basics of Healthy Cooking
  • Healthy Cooking Substitutions
  • How to Handle Cravings
  • Moderation
  • Grocery Shopping Tips
  • Reading Nutrition Labels Properly
  • What are Macronutrients?
  • Breakdowns of Carbs, Fat, Protein & Fiber
  • Organic Food
  • Tips for Eating Out
  • Healthy Relationships with Food
  • Goal Setting
  • Cardio vs Weight Training
  • Healthy Living on a Budget
  • Designing a Workout Plan
    and more!


[vc_row row_type=”row” use_row_as_full_screen_section=”no” type=”full_width” text_align=”left” css_animation=”” box_shadow_on_row=”no”][vc_column][rev_slider_vc alias=”course”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row row_type=”row” use_row_as_full_screen_section=”no” type=”full_width” text_align=”left” css_animation=”” box_shadow_on_row=”no”][vc_column][vc_column_text]What changes do you need to make to live your healthiest life? If you don’t know where to begin or if you’re looking for guidance and an extra push, the Mind Over Munch 30 Day Kickstart Course can help you along in your journey to healthier living! By signing up for the course, you’ll get a Kickstart email every morning for 30 days. Each day, you’ll have the chance to learn something new—how food works in our bodies as fuel, how to create and maintain your workout regimen, and exclusive recipes only offered in this course. And, there are daily challenges to help you to take action on the new things you learn. With help and inspiration every step of the way, this course is an opportunity for you to achieve new health goals![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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