100+ Vegan Recipes + Slow Cooker & Sheet Pan + Frozen Treats EBook Package

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My 3 newest eBooks, all in one package! With 100+ Healthy Vegan Recipes for plant-based meals, snacks and sweets, PLUS 40 easy weeknight dinners, PLUS over 40 healthier frozen treats, this package has it all. That’s almost 200 easy recipes for fuel-filled dishes and clean sweet treats, so your healthy lifestyle never has to feel boring!


My 100+ Vegan Recipes eBook is filled with simple plant-based recipes of all kinds. From smoothies and breakfasts, to on-the-go lunches and one-pot dinners, to 1-ingredient snacks and no-bake desserts, these recipes make healthy cooking so much easier—and you get to enjoy tasty, wholesome meals that you actually feel EXCITED about! Then, you also get my Slow Cooker & Sheet Pan eBook, with 40 low-effort, meal-preppable dinners, along with 40+ recipes for clean, low sugar goodies in my Frozen Treats eBook. Because what’s dinner without dessert?! Keep healthy food interesting and enticing—with nearly 200 scrumptiously simple recipes for endless variety!

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