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40 Vegetarian Meal Prep Recipes

40 Vegetarian Meal Prep Recipes—Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners & Snacks! Let’s be real—eating healthy can be difficult. If you struggle to stay on track (like I do), meal prep can be a life-saver. But, meal prep can also feel like a lot of work… And, sometimes the same old recipes just get boring. Simplify your prep […]

Vegan Breakfast Cookies 3 Ways—Paleo, Gluten Free & No Bake!

Feed Your Inner Cookie Monster: Healthy Vegan Breakfast Cookies You’re dragged out of dreamland by the alarm, rushing to leave the house on time, mentally preparing for the day ahead… Who’s got time to make a healthy breakfast? Mornings are tough enough as it is—but COOKIES make everything better. As Cookie Monster once said, “Count […]

14 Picky Eater Strategies & The Science Behind Picky Eating

14 Evidence-Based Picky Eater Strategies & The Science Behind Picky Eating Whether you’re trying to feed a picky eater or you are a picky eater yourself, mealtimes can be incredibly frustrating, and often stressful. You may feel like you or your child will never escape the picky eating cycle, but you can find freedom. So, […]

13 Slow Cooker Recipes & Crock Pot Recipes

13 Slow Cooker Recipes for Fall + Slow Cooker Tips! Fall is the season for slow cooker meals! The weather is cooling down and there’s nothing better than a warm, hearty meal on a cold day. But, Fall time also means we’ve got busy schedules, friends and family coming to visit, and there’s not always […]

Cheap Healthy Lunch Ideas: Sandwiches & Salads

Healthy Lunch Ideas on a Budget: Sandwiches & Salads Sandwiches and salads are the tried-and-true lunchtime duo for a reason. They’re easy to make, and they won’t break the bank! Plus, you can come up with TONS of different healthy lunch ideas featuring different kinds of sandwiches and/or salads. Now, I know what you’re (probably) thinking: “Salads and sandwiches? […]

Easy Healthy Recipes with 3 Ingredients or Less!

44 Easy Healthy Recipes You Can (Probably) Make Right Now Healthy can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. Sometimes the healthiest recipes are the most simple! All you need are real, wholesome foods, combined in different ways to create new flavors and delicious dishes. And I’m not just talking about fruit salads, and roasted vegetables. […]

Variety Meal Prep: How to Change Things Up

Variety Meal Prep: Small Changes to Keep Weekly Meals Interesting Healthy is hard. Whether it’s planning meals, staying motivated, or figuring out what kind of lifestyle suits you, there’s a lot to learn! As we start to figure out healthy meals that work for us, we may latch onto those staple foods and eat them all of the […]

Creativity in the Kitchen: Make Recipes Your Own

Recipes are Guidelines, Not Rules. Use Your Creativity in the Kitchen! You don’t have to be a trained chef to cook something delicious in the kitchen. Just follow the recipe, right? Being told to use our creativity in the kitchen can be a bit intimidating… I mean, what if we mess something up?? Recipes are an […]

Healthy Grocery Tips to Make Shopping Easier

Healthy Grocery Tips: The DON’Ts (& Do’s) We’ve all gotta eat, but healthy grocery shopping isn’t always a breeze. Maybe you dread the time that it takes, the crowded grocery store, or just spending the money every week. Well, you’re not alone. Sometimes, grocery shopping can be a drag, but we can make it SO much easier […]

The Most Versatile Healthy Ingredients + TONS of Healthy Recipes!

6 Versatile Healthy Ingredients to Keep in Your Kitchen What’s the key to eating healthy foods? Keeping healthy foods in the house for you to eat! Going to the grocery store regularly to stock up on ingredients is one of the healthiest habits we can develop. When we neglect grocery shopping, we resort to eating out, […]