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This All-Natural Supplement Replaced My Morning Coffee?! Xtend Life Zupafood Elite!

Natural Energy Boost, Increased Focus, & Brighter, Softer Skin—After Just 3 WEEKS of Taking Xtend Life Zupafood Elite! First, let me start off by saying: I’m NOT a big supplement gal, so you won’t see a post like this often. We’re very cautious and selective about the products that we endorse. Because plenty of ‘health’ […]

Bone Broth Benefits: The Immune-Boosting Superfood!

Bone Broth Benefits on the Immune System, Leaky Gut, Joint Pain & More! When I first heard of bone broth, my immediate reaction was, ‘ew.’ Who wants to drink a broth made of bones?! Then, I started learning about all of these supposed bone broth benefits. It’s loaded with protein, it boosts the immune system […]

17 Anti Inflammatory Foods Your Body Needs NOW

17 Most Powerful Anti Inflammatory Foods, With Recipes! Many of us live with chronic, sustained inflammation in our bodies, and we often aren’t aware of it. Now, this is different than the kind of inflammation we see after an injury or infection. This is constant (and, in many cases daily) inflammation. And, chronic inflammation not only can lead […]

All About Acai: Bowls, Benefits & Acai Recipes

Acai is an AMAZING superfood! Learn about where it comes from, the health benefits, and how to use it in these 13 healthy recipes!

Six Sneaky Superfoods & What Makes Them “Super”

“Superfoods” Aren’t The Only Super Foods! Countless foods today have been deemed superfoods, and who wouldn’t want to eat a food that’s SUPER?! Kale, broccoli, blueberries, eggs, salmon—you’ve probably heard that these foods (among others) are especially super. But what is a superfood exactly? How “super” are they? And what about the foods that are […]